Friday, August 12, 2016

A review of 2 really good earphones

The mobile and other multimedia players normally come with a bundled earphones. Sometimes they don’t even come up with earphones. The centre point is that, users usually are not happy with the earphones offered by their handsets. Even the big brands like Samsung, Apple, etc. do not provide high end earphones with their devices. One would need to upgrade them with something that will provide best listening experience. To get the best out of the audios and videos one should strictly invest in high end earphones.
Earphones should be well-designed that they actually fits into the ear canal. There must be proper sealing for the ear and they should block the ears completely from outside noises. The sounds when directly pips into the ears, gives the best listening experience for music lovers. And they should be very light weight so as to make them as one of the most portable electronic device. The wires should be explicitly stiff so that they won’t come in a way when the favourite music is on.
Choose from Wired or Wireless   
Market is bursting with a wide range of wired and wireless earphones. Anyone could connect their smartphone with a 3.5 mm wired earphones or through a Bluetooth technology without involving the wire. Generally wireless earphones are costlier than wired earphones. Choosing wired earphones would be best for one who doesn’t want to spend time on charging his earphones. Wireless earphone would be best for the one who wants to own the luxury. One does not have to be worried about connecting an earphones physically, but when they are discharged one would not be able to listen to his favourite song. 3.5 mm port will not be present in these wireless earphones. Anyone could choose depending on their requirement.
Using an Earphone during a Workout!
For some people earphones becomes a part of their morning scheduled exercise. This convenient and portable device can be taken to the gym as a companion. During a workout at the gym, one would be sweating and hence an earphone with a soaking feature would be a requirement. Earphones with water resistance technology is already available in the market and one could buy for the getting the constant friction of earphones with the ear during a workout. So, purchase earphone having earbuds that can soak sweat easily while providing the perfect grip. Beside this, these earphone should also provide flexibility when the body will be moving in motion during exercise. The current technology provides earphones with in-built stabilizing fins which ensure the stability of earphones during cycling, gym, and whatever you do. These earphones are called ‘Fitness-Oriented’.
In addition to this, caring of earphones is utmost necessary, as no one would want to ruin his costly earphones. One should always try to include a pouch or a box that come with an earphones to ensure that loss occurs to the earphones or a waste of time in untangling them. Well, everyone have their own choice. One can choose from these all varieties of earphones. If anyone wants noise free listening experience, he may choose earphone with noise cancellation feature. If someone still finding it difficult to choose the best earphones for them, they should check the list of best high end earphones for pleasurable listening experience.  
The first in the series is Sony’s MDR-IF245RK with a stylish design and a brand tag of ‘one of the most favourable and respectful company in electronics division’. The set is a wireless device which lets the user to experience the movie and musical tracks with full force. The device runs by charging it, which will be done in a high speed and will ensure a battery backup upto 28 hours. Hence, user can run a long movie or a TV series for a longer time without worrying about the battery.

It provides a long range of connection since it works on radio frequency. The noise reduction feature will ensure crystal clear sound and will not let outside noise to interfere in the listening experience. For providing the best comfort ever, Sony has integrated a self-adjusting headband that helps in fitting the headphones easily and comfortably. The 40 mm driver promises powerful audio quality and clarity. However, it is available in a single colour and user does not have any range, but surely this device not going to let the user disappointed. It would be very easier for a person obsessed about gym to have a healthy workout while listening to his favourite track of music without the interference of any wire. Just keep the cellphone in the pocket, put back the headphone on the ear and listen to soothing, rock or any favourite kind of musical genre.   
Jays T00072
Popularly known as A-Jays one is newly available earphone in the market. For the one who is tired of untangling his earphone wire every time, these will work as boon. The user would be getting a flat cable wire in place of that round wire cable that gets tangled all the time. For providing the best user listening experience Jays provides a total of 5 silicone sleeves pairs that gives the best possible design for fitting right into the ear canal. These silicone sleeves will be completely isolated by sound and will not let any further unwanted noise to enter into the ear canal. Its 8.6 mm of dynamic speakers is perfect for all type media player and cellphones.
Jays claims that the rich and deep bass response of A-Jays One will uplift and reinvigorate the music. A-Jays provides the maximum sensitivity and hence the sounds will be comfortably driven within the ear. Its frequency range is 20 Hz to 18000 Hz, completely suitable for human ear that will enhance the musical experience for all type of users. Though Jays is bit new in the market as comparable to other big rivals Samsung and Sony, but surely Jays is one of most trustable brand now. Giving a chance to this set of earphones will provide memorable experience of listening with a little emotional touch.