Monday, August 15, 2016

A review of 2 best value headphones

Best Value Headphones
To all the music lovers, who loves to put on their headphones and desire for better outside world isolation are always left behind because of low quality headphones. Buying a headphones while spending less amount of money is not an easy task. Mobiles and other music player devices does not provide a better listening experience unless and until the right headphones are plugged into the device. However, these devices comes with their own branded headphones, but upgrading the earphones for better audio quality would be amazing.
One should invest in affective bass, loud and clear trebling sound and sharp sound quality. It should be kept in mind that choosing the earphones based on just audio quality would not be enough. One need to spend a little from his precious time to make sure that he buys best suited earphones. But, one should not be worried, if searching for different brands earphones and their features on different sites over the internet seems to be difficult task. Anyone, with or without technical background could find exact features here that need to be considered while looking for their favourite earphones. To narrow down the list, the article also features two of the best value earphones for all type of music lovers.
Inline Remote Type Earphones with a Microphone
The best earphone will have inline remote integrated that makes listener easier to answer calls, shuffle and change audio tracks, and allows to set the volume according to the need. The microphone would allow the user to carry out the voice conversation over the call without even touching the mobile. This activated voice software should be on the top of the list of favourite features.
Circumaural Type Earphones
Circumaural Earphones, with a headband closes the ears completely and provides much better outside world isolation. The bass of these earphones is loud and clear and provide minimum leakage of sound as it covers the ears completely sealed. The only drawback is their big and heavy size.
Supra-Aural Type Earphones  
Just like the circumaural earphones, these earphones also involves headband, but has light weight and small size. They sits over the ears and the speakers are pushed inward offering an excellent sound quality. These are often more comfortable and provides enough volume without involving any big size part.
In-Ear Type Earphones
These types of earphones are the most common earphones because of their portability. These types of earphones comes with a rubber rolled over the speaker at the end for providing better comfort when they are plugged a little inside the ear canal. A user would be getting lots of thumping bass and clarity with these earphones.
Earphones with maximum Noise isolation  
As we have talked earlier, isolation from outside world is very important for better listening experience. The heavy and rough sound of vehicles, engine and crowded areas makes an unpleasant life. To get relaxing experience, one need to be lost within the soothing sound of music without getting interrupted by these noises. The earphones should simply forms a sealing for the ears to not let noise enter, which can be achieved by In-ear earphone in a well manner.  
If still not sure about which earphones to buy, then give a try to below mentioned earphones.
Sony MDR-EX150
The first one in this category is Sony’s MDR-EX150 model. The model comes in 10 different stylish colors which includes: red, pink, yellow, green, blue, violet, white, black, light blue, and light pink. One can choose from this long range of variety and can buy best suited color of a set. The frequency range of these earphones is in between 5 Hz and 24 Hz. This range is best suited for current music style. It’s from the category of In-ear earphones and thus provides the appropriate comfort and securely fitting earbuds. The small size and light weight provides the mobility for any user.
The length of wire is 1.2 meter which is sufficient for getting the best out of it. It does have inline remote integrated to make it easier for the user to change tracks, pickup calls without touching phone, and setting volume according to the need. The earphones comes with a noise cancellation factor which is helpful in cancelling the outside noise and offers best relaxing noise-free experience of listening. The connector of this earphone is wired with 3.5 mm, which is supported by maximum smartphones and other music players. In all, this set has all the features anyone would look for; and the best thing is that it’s not much costly. Its best suited to be place in “Best Value Earphones” list.
Audio-Technica ATH-CKL220iS  
The ATH-CKL220iS model of Audio Technica comes in variant of colours. Black, Black crazy, White, and white crazy are the stylish colors available in this headset. The earphone has in-built microphone and comes with in-built controllers for handling calls without involving mobile, making volume up and down option, and changing music tracks. The driver is of 8.5 mm, which tend to offers best listening quality experience. A light weight and a long cable length gives the maximum portability and mobility. The cable is tangle free too and works better in reducing the outside world noises.
The design is very comfortable as its fits easily inside the ear canal which is offered by four different size of eartips already included with this earphones. The frequency response of microphone is in between 100 Hz and 10,000 Hz, which offers best conversational experience. Considering this earphone in the list of “Best Value Earphones” would not lead to any disappointment. The earphone is very popular and it is offered by a trustable brand.

The above mentioned earphones are two of the best ones that can be purchased while spending minimal amount of money. The best thing is that both the earphones are from big brands and providing maximum features in a much lower price than expected. One should strictly consider these earphones before spending on other models and it’s sure that one would not be disappointed.