Sunday, August 21, 2016

High performance USB Pendrives review

The time has changed and there are so many cloud storage systems that let the user to store large amount of data online. But, for some people it’s one of the hectic task to do or they don’t have fast internet connection as required by these cloud storage system for uploading and storing. For the fast transferring, one would need a pen drive with a large number of storage data so as to store all of the important files, music, video, photos and many more other documents.
The reason that pend drives are preferable because they are portables and can be taken anywhere for accessing without waiting for the internet connection. There are several hard drive too available in the market, but accommodating them would not be easy. Pen drives on the other hand are small, lightweight. Anyone could take them anywhere by hanging in one of their key ring with their keys. High performance and large storage are two important things that needs to be looked for before buying any pen drive.
Well, not the pen drives have equal amount of transferring speed and capacity of storing data for a longer time. And hence, choosing the right pen drive is a one task that would serve as a useful tool if accomplished correctly. It’s not the difficult task, but surely it takes a lot of time. And to save all of the users and buyers, here comes the list of features that need to be considered before buying any pen drive.
A lot of things a user need to consider, but the most important one is its performance. User who needs fancy pen drives can also look out for their favourite design or that fits to them. A user always have an option of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. There is no point in buying USB 3.0 and the reason is the transfer speed, which is lacked by USB 2.0. The USB 2.0 gives the maximum transfer speed of 40 MBps, whereas USB 3.0 gives the speed close to 250 MBps and that’s what every user need. Most of the laptops comes with both 2.0 and 3.0 ports and it’s amazing that USB 2.0 pen drive is compatible with 3.0 port, but the speed will be limited. It has to be noted that read and write speed of any pen drive is dependent on its capacity. The same drive can perform differently depending on its capacity. For instance, the SanDisk Extreme of 32 GB has a write speed of 100 mbps and a read speed of 245 mpbs; whereas, the same the drive SanDisk Extreme of 64 GB will have the write speed of 190 mbps, the read speed will be same 245 mpbs. One would need to buy a pen drive with higher capacity for efficient and fast performance.
For some people 32 GB and 64 GB will work, but for storing a large amount of files and HD movies and videos, one should go for 128 GB pen drive. But, if someone is really looking for a high end the fastest pen drive, one should really go for 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB. Buying a pen drive without a cap should be preferable, as they are designed in a manner that if the cap gets lost, the connector will not be exposed for a damage. One can also look for wear levelling that helps in distributing data equally inside the drive; no data would be re-written at the same position and pen drive will last longer. There are drives that comes with a password protection option, one can choose to buy from them to their data secure. Some models of big brand companies also allows to backup data on the cloud. If any-one need to secure his data forever, he may choose to buy pen drive with cloud backup features.
It all depends on the requirement; however, getting the best for oneself is always a plus point. And to make the task easier, look out the list of two best high end pen drive with ultimate design and performance.
Corsair Pen Voyager Mini
The Voyager Mini comes a storage capacity of 512GB. The pen drive has a 3.0 driver and can be accessible in 2.0 port. So, one would not need to worry about its compatibility. It comes with a premium design and has premium working capability too. A high capacity, with high transfer rate of 295 Mbps, this pen drive is tuned for providing high performance efficiently, and easily. The pen drive is compatible with all operating system, such as Windows, Linux and Apple’s OS X. The storage capacity of 512 GB, will let the user to store lots of files and allows to carry it around the world. It has Aluminium accents and a protected coating of zinc alloy that will make it to have a longer life and a design for showing off. It can be attached to a key ring and can be carried to wherever a user wanted.    
Patriot Supersonic Mega USB 3.1
The Patriot Supersonic Mega comes with 512 GB storage and a 3.1 driver technology that provides an ultimate transfer speed of 380 Mbps. The flash drive 3.1 compatible with 2.0 port gives the same speed and claims to transfer a 2 GB data within some seconds. Enclosed with Aluminium, this pen drive is resistant to shocks and can take shock up to 15 Gs in a very well manner. The stylish design and an accessibility of storing data makes it as one of the best pen drive available in the market. The brand Patriot also makes it available in 128 GB and 256 GB. Choosing 512 GB would be a best option for the one who wants to store important work files and HD videos for entertainment at the same time.
The best thing amount these pen drives is that they can be taken anywhere around the world and can be accessed without any need of internet connection. Choosing the best pen drive will not be any issues now if all the features in this article has been read carefully.