Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trichy cauvery bridge

River cauvery is a great asset for our town.The most important fact is that river cauvery extends to its full flow only at Srirangam.And the bridge connecting Trichy and Srirangam gains importance not only for transportation but also as a nice hangout place in Trichy.

The bridge was completed in 2008 .And it has been a very good initiative by the authorities because many of us would remember the long detour we had to take to reach the places we now reach easily with the new bridge.And after three years ,people have realized that the side walk lanes in the bridge is a nice place to sit,stand and chatting and take in the cool breeze of Cauvery.
Cauvery Bridge Trichy View-1
To be at breeze of the river is a wonderful spot to be with our dear ones.The spot is also nice for taking some nice snaps.There will be small ice cream corner and small fast food stall at the end of the bridge.

The most important thing is that the place is a free of cost to use (as its not a private property,i know you know this) and it is also a nice place for a evening walk .The bridge is 400m long and you can well cover 1.6kms if take a walk back and forth the Cauvery Bridge Twice.The Cool air and soothing view will take the pain out of the hard walk.And the bridge has a pillar for every 20 or so meters and hence you don't need to worry of a bridge collapse.
Cauvery Bridge Trichy View-2
And the Sands of Cauvery!

          This problem has been there for a very long time.On the banks of Cauvery, at the place called Mutharasanallur,lorries of sand have been quarried away.With the permission of the government of course.But as soon as a new government comes,there would be different policy and the workers would strike and the government would end the strike giving some solution.But this still doesn't work properly,the sand taken will damage the fertility.It also be cause a flooding in the regions near the river banks.One solution could be development of sand mass restore program where you replace an equal quantity of sand mass from destructed buidings.

Cauvery Bridge Trichy View-3

Hope we will meet there sometime.
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